Dewatering, Water Transfer, Fluid Storage, and Disposal

Whitehawk Management Solutions is a cutting-edge fluids management company, started by industry leaders with decades of expertise in the industry. With our great reputation, and an excellent environmental and safety record, we offer the best and most flexible water management programs for our clients. Experts in engineering, remediation chemicals, and regulatory compliance; let our team handle your water and industrial fluid needs. We offer full-service on-site technicians with 24/7 monitoring, or if you prefer you can rent or buy pumping equipment to suit your needs. Our engineering staff is ready to assist you with all your requirements.


Whitehawk is an indigenous owned fluids management company. We pride ourselves on our stewardship of the environment and safety of our communities.


What we bring to you

Flood and Fire

Whitehawk can rapidly deploy equipment and people to assist in any wildfire, flood, or spills scenarios.

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Mining Services

Whitehawk Management Services offers a complete package of Open Pit and Shaft Mining Dewatering services.

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Wellpoint Dewatering

Wellpoint dewatering allows for groundwater level lowering to stabilize the ground or to keep an excavation dry.

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Water Transfer

Whitehawk specializes in high-volume, high-rate water transfer services. We employ the most skilled and resourceful minds.

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Sewer By Pass

Sanitary and storm sewer bypass projects are required to maintain uninterrupted service during sewer maintenance, relining.

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Industrial Pumping

Our industrial pumping capabilities combine our engineers’ expertise and experience to provide temporary and permanent.

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