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Water treatment In November 2019 Catalyst was acquired by Whitewater Management and is a private and independently owned company. Its market presence is in Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, and Fort St. John. Catalyst has made investments in product development and technologies that differentiate itself as a market leader that provides exceptional service to its customers.

Catalyst has a Full Production Chemicals line and focuses on Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors, Paraffin, and Demulsifier lines, H2S Scavengers, Hydrate Inhibitors, Foamers, Biocides, etc. The service that we provide will include a Design of Chemical Monitoring Programs and allow for full Program Auditing and Cost Tracking. This will allow our customers to justify programs and troubleshoot on-site problems with Senior Field personnel. Catalyst also does Pipeline line-by-line assessments for internal corrosion mitigation and provides custom recommendations based on flow regimes, fluid characteristics, acid gas content, and type of production. This includes creating maps and flow diagrams for gathering systems and practical KPI programs that create action plans for any operational requirement.

Along with the Production Chemical focus Catalyst also focuses on Completion Chemical applications. We offer a full suite of products that can help mitigate bacteria, scale, iron, H2S, etc. that can occur in any produced/flow back fluid program for complete water treatment management. This will include any pre-frac water testing along with post-frac water testing for any fluid system requirements.

water treatment

Catalyst Capabilities

Catalyst has invested in the following testing capabilities:


Lab and Testing Capabilities


Asset Integrity

Autoclave, coupon, risk matrix

CO2/H2S Corrosion Modelling, High Temperature/High Temperature Testing, Capillary String Certifications

Scale Management

Scale Prediction Modelling, Water Analysis

ScaleSoftPitzer, field based tests (i.e. Static Bottle Inhibition)

Phase Separation

Field Demulsifier Testing

Bottle testing, foamer selection, anti-foam/defoam selection

Flow Assurance

Cold Finger, Bottle Test

Pour Point Determination, Wax Appearance Temperature, paraffin inhibitor, dispersant, and solvent evaluation

Water Treatment Chemicals

There is currently six dedicated and experienced local personnel that have experience in the service and technical capabilities of the business. The individuals are listed below:




Experience (years)

Travis Dryden

District Manager

Grande Prairie


Terina Fells

Technical Consultant

Grande Prairie


Cole Maddigan

District Manager

Fort St. John


Vincent Walker

Technical Manager

Dawson Creek


Clinton Tuffs

Technical Service

Grande Prairie


Brad Woolfrey

Service Technician

Grande Prairie


Ben Niven

HSE Director



Keith Murray

Vice President



Rod Stearn




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